Sunday, April 18, 2010

A major step in a girls life... My very first little black dress...

I did it. I bought a little black dress!!

I was looking through my closet two weeks ago and had a moment of clarity and grabbed a garbage bag. It was time to start letting go. I am never going to wear a size 32 again. Ever. So I threw my fat clothes away. I threw away the big comfy sweatpants that I bought a few sizes too big so I could hide even more. I threw away the shirt that I thought was so cute at the time that now just hung on me. I threw away the jeans that literaly fell off of me when I put them on. It felt so good to let those things go.
And then I looked at what I was left with.
It was time for some SERIOUS retail therapy.
poor me, right!
I was nervous at first but then I got to thinking. I have always loved stores like Marshalls, TJ Maxx and Ross but I never looked at clothes because they rarely had anything worth looking at in the big big big plus sizes. But now I am just the medium big plus size. hmmm... So I went to Ross while they were having a big sale on all their dresses and I got a little gutsy. I started looking at dresses. Let me preface this with the fact that I have NEVER worn a dress without jeans under it, thus wearing it as a top. In fact I think I have probably owned less than ten dresses in my entire life. I was just never comfortable in them. But I saw them differently this time. I saw options. I saw possibilities. I saw an opportunity to start being the kind of woman I always admired. Someone with style. Someone dressed for something other than comfort!!
Then I found it. My little black dress.
I cannot believe it... I obviously have a bit more work to be done on my midsection, but I don't look half bad. In a dress! A little Black dress!
In another note, I found another before picture... Flipping through a friends facebook I found a few candid pictures of me from last summer...yikes...
Nothing keeps you motivated like seeing a picture and going who is that round girl...oh yeah, thats me...


  1. You are amazing and I just love your little black dress!

  2. You look great in the dress now! And I really like you as a blonde!

  3. The dress looks great on you!! Yay to cleaning out the closet of too-big-clothes!!

  4. good on you! It looks great and what progress you are making. I give my fat clothes away every time they don't fit. I believe in myself and giving them away makes me feel like I am moving in the right direction. I agree with the other posts. You look great as a blond. I am thrilled for you and your new dress. Now you need to find a place to go so you can wear it with pride!

  5. is that Shanette in one of those pics??

  6. No, that's not shanette! It's my friend Lindsay.

  7. Looking good girl! Doesn't it feel great to wear something KNEE LENGTH!!!!

  8. OMG! Congrats on your weightloss, you are doing a great job and you look fabulous. I have yet to EVER purchase a little black dress. And I cant wait. I admire you for that and you are giving me inspiration now to go out and find one myself. And when I do Ill make sure to tell you all about it. Again, congrats. Any tips on weightloss?

  9. I've lost about 30 pounds and cleaning out the closet is both a plus and a minus. Plus because yay, look at all the weight you've lost, nothing fits! Minus because oh crap, now you have no wardrobe :o( Been there, lol.

    You're doing awesome!

  10. Wow you look stunning!! Congratulations on your progress and all your hard work , so amazing =)