Thursday, April 1, 2010

FINALLY a breakthrough!

Well, this past month was quite frankly, ridiculous. My knees were throwing this tantrum and I was completely in my head about it. The pounds were creeeeeeping off slowly because to be honest I was cheating a good bit. But I was still working out on my own and pushing through it.

Since my last entry I FINALLY pushed through this wall I kept hitting. I didn't climb over it or dig a hole under it, I BLASTED through it. I worked out REALLY hard and have been really on plan and I have been peddling away every time I am home watching tv on my little bike thingy.
 AND I AM OUT OF THE 300's!!!!

I have lost 135llbs. A HUNDRED AND THIRTY FIVE POUNDS. I've lost a healthy woman! Not even a skinny bitch. lol
 I went back to bootcamp class today for the first time since my little meltdown. We were outside in the gorgeous 85 degree atlanta sunshine and it just felt GREAT! I had sweat dripping in places I dont even want to think about! lol Lunges and squats were fine. I was nervous at first, but my knees were just fine. Man that felt good.
I even got a little sunburn!
I want to take this feeling and put it into a little bottle so I can revisit this whenever I want to crumble and eat something stupid. I really feel unstoppable. I have actively been avoiding the scale for two weeks. When I weighed in today I had NO IDEA what it would say. I was prepared to have gained weight during my hiatus from class, but my workouts on my own have really picked up intensity. I am getting a focus that I have never had before. I feel like every single rep of every single exercise is one step closer to this other me that I can see in my head. She is one helluva chick, this girl in my head. She is strong, sexy, capable, confident, powerful...a force of nature. I can't wait to be her!!
I'm gettin muscles and stuff!!
I also decided it was time for another change so I went blonde. Its a big change, but I like it. Im naturally a blonde but started dying it black a few years ago. I feel like a part of me hid behind the dark hair and the makeup. Now I feel like I look younger. I look like I did in high school... kind of strange!! But also kind of nice. On an odd but related note, in 17 pounds I will weigh less than I did when I was a freshman in high school. Hows that for a mind boggle. I was 275 as a freshman. Horrifying. I have not been this small in my entire adult life and I feel like from here on out EVERYTHING will be brand new. I am a new person.  Old Kayla is gone FOREVER that much I know for sure.


  1. Good for you! Huzzah!! YAY wonderful! Woofreakinghoo! Booyah! Wow I am so happy for you. That is a HUGE milestone! Keep up the good work. I better get my ass in gear because before you know it, you will be passing me!!

  2. That is unreal!!! You're kicking ass and taking names :-)

  3. Hunny, that strong, sexy, capable, confident, powerful, force of nature woman you say you want to be ... you're already her! This journey is just allowing you to see that! Good for you girl! :)

  4. That is amazing! You do look younger and glowing!! I have no doubt you will keep blasting through! Amaaazing job!

  5. WOW this is amazing WAY TO GO !!!!!