Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Loves it-- Smartfood!

110 Calories, 1 gram of fat and FIVE grams of fiber to keep me feeling full! AND its delicious!?!? Heck yes!!! This is my new favorite snack. SO delightful!
I'm also a big fan of jello sugar free pudding in Boston Creme Pie. That is pretty yummo. Guilt free treats make it worthwhile. Especially when you just need to shut up your taste buds! Everytime I watch the biggest loser and they recommend to the contestents to chew a stick of gum to get rid of sugar cravings I just wanna smack them in the face!!! Chewing a stick of gum isn't going to do anything when I am craving a big bowl of ice cream or a bag of caramel corn or chocolate. I just need to find healthy ways to satisfy those cravings. If I work with them I dont slip up as often... It's when I deny them for too long that I just have a day when I fall off the wagon completely!

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