Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Well I met with the Personal Trainer at the gym today. I just checked in to have him let me know how my form is and how I'm progressing now that it has been a month. He let me know that ab work at this point is not worth the time. Core- yes, but ab machines- not yet. He also let me know that I need to be alternating muscle groups to give them a day to recover. (I know that seems obvious, but I'm still new to this.) He also told me something that I was shocked to hear... I'm impressive! I have been putting in a LOT of HARD work. We talked about diet and calories and a meal plan and then he really shocked me... He told me that he teaches a bootcamp class on Tuesday and Thursday nights for 45 mins. He said he thought it would be really good for me. I was just shocked that he thought I could handle it.
So I took on a whole new level of challenge. I did my first bootcamp class tonight! I wanted to die. Not gonna lie. My thighs still hurt. A lot. We did 320 lunges by the end of the class among other things. and I still put in 40 mins on the elliptical before class! It pushed me. That is for sure. But I did it. And I kept up with the 5 other women in the class (The heaviest of which was maybe 175) I am SO proud of myself. I am SO TIRED and SWEATY! lol
Lets see how I feel in 6 weeks....

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